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This Is Why No One Should Fuck With Nature

Me scrolling through this post: OMG. OMG. OMG.

1. HOLY CRAP, some wasps built a nest around this old doll.

DID YOU KNOW: A distressed wasp releases pheromones that alert her colony to join her in stinging her attacker. Ouch.

2. And these fire ants created a floating island of themselves to survive the Houston flooding. (Yes, those are ANTS.)

DID YOU KNOW: Fire ant "rafts" can survive up to three weeks and have 165% more venom inside them than normal fire ants. 😬😬

3. Watch this octopus hunt a crab (twist ending).

DID YOU KNOW: An octopus's arms have different personalities. (Go here to read more truly crazy octopus facts!!!)

4. And this mom centipede protecting her babies.

DID YOU KNOW: Most centipedes are carnivorous, feasting on crickets, ants, and other small creatures.

5. This cordyceps fungus is growing on a FUCKING SPIDER.

DID YOU KNOW: Cordyceps fungus is about as metal as it gets. The parasite takes over an insect's body and can then control its behavior. One species forces its prey to climb up a plant stem and die, and its spores are then scattered by the wind to infect more insects. I WANT MY MOM.

6. Here is a reindeer shedding its velvet.

DID YOU KNOW: Deer shed their antlers and the velvet that coats them and then regrow a new set every year. (The shedding doesn't cause them any discomfort.) Some athletes take deer velvet supplements as an illicit performance enhancer, as the velvet contains a growth hormone similar to insulin.

7. Why did the salmon cross the road?

DID YOU KNOW: Holy shit, these salmon are crossing a damn road.

8. This underwater "finger of death" that fatally freezes its victims.

DID YOU KNOW: OK, THIS IS REAL. It's called a brinicle, and it's an underwater icicle of brine. You can read about how they're formed here, but basically once they reach the sea floor, they create an expanding cone of ice that freezes to death everything in its path.

9. This jaguar diving into THE FREAKIN' WATER to kill a caiman.

DID YOU KNOW: Jaguars, unlike most other cats, are good swimmers and often prey on water animals like fish and turtles.

10. This fiery lava waterfall that looks like it's straight outta Dante.

DID YOU KNOW: Lava is so hot that it can literally explode when it hits ocean water.

11. This bald eagle sitting on top of a goose.

DID YOU KNOW: Eagles typically eat fish, but can kill and eat animals the size of large waterfowl.

12. This orca drop-kicking a seal with its tail.

DID YOU KNOW: Killer whales often strike seals with their tails to debilitate them first, as seals and sea lions have sharp claws and teeth and can fight back.

13. These three lions fighting an alligator.

DID YOU KNOW: Female lions do most of the hunting; male lions typically hang back from the action until a kill is made.

14. This GIGANTIC piece of falling rock.

DID YOU KNOW: Water, earthquakes, and vegetation growth all contribute to rockfall, which is obviously impossible to predict.

15. This super WTF goblin shark.

DID YOU KNOW: The goblin shark's creepy long snout acts like a "metal detector" to pick up on the electric currents found in living things. Once it's located its prey, its huge jaw snatches forward to engulf it.

16. Watch this mama rabbit attack a SNAKE.

DID YOU KNOW: Mother rabbits are fiercely protective of their babies and will take on any predators who approach their nests.


DID YOU KNOW: Venus fly traps can emit a fluorescent blue glow to attract bugs.

18. A cone snail swallowing an ENTIRE FISH.

DID YOU KNOW: The highly toxic venom of the snail paralyzes its fish prey instantly so it can't wiggle away.

19. And this stingray feasting on an inky squid.

DID YOU KNOW: Stingrays are carnivorous and chew their prey with their tiny jaws.

Go to r/NatureisMetal for more!!

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