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These Two Divers From China Got Engaged Onstage At The Olympics

Love is in the air (and the water).

He Zi is an Olympic athlete from China who completely crushed her dive in the women's 3-meter springboard final on Sunday.

She got silver!

And what happened at the end of her medal ceremony was also pretty exciting.

He's boyfriend, fellow Chinese diver Qin Kai, came up on stage and got down on one knee.

Yep, he had a ring!

It was really cute!

Really, really cute.

Wow, my allergies must be acting up.

She said yes (obvi), and Qin put the ring on her finger and gave her a small rose in a glass case.

Qin seemed pretty stoked about the "yes" part, too.

Last week in Rio, volunteer Marjorie Enya proposed to her girlfriend, Brazilian rugby player Isadora Cerullo.

You can watch the very adorable video here if you're in the US:

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