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What The Cast Of Nickelodeon's "Salute Your Shorts" Looks Like Now

SPOILER ALERT: Pretty hot.

1. Heidi Lucas (Dina)

Lucas, now 37, retired from acting in the late '90s and now works as an attorney in California.

2. Kirk Baily (Ug Lee)

Now 62, Baily has since appeared on Star Trek: Voyager and Felicity and recently did voice work on Disney's Frozen.

3. Michael Ray Bower (Donkey Lips)

Bower stayed in the industry, making appearances on shows like Bones and The X-Files. He provides the voice of Eugene Reaper in Grand Theft Auto IV, and he also appeared in an Angel Haze rap video. He's now 39. (Check out his website,

4. Venus de Milo (Telly)

Now 37, de Milo later appeared on Sister Sister and Family Matters.

5. Blake Sennett (Pinsky)

Blake Soper reverted to his given name, Blake Sennett, and became the lead guitarist for the popular band Rilo Kiley. In 2012, he founded the band Night Terrors of 1927. He's now 38. (See more on his Instagram.)

6. Danny Cooksey (Budnick)

Now 38, Cooksey took on a lot of voiceover work following his stint on Salute Your Shorts. He and his wife have two children.

7. Megan Berwick (ZZ)

Megan Berwick left showbiz and received an M.A. in International Political Economy at Stanford. She previously worked as development manager at Kiva Microfunds.

8. Trevor Eyster (Sponge)

Now 35, Trevor Eyster is trying to make a comeback to acting. (See more at his website.)

9. Erik Macarthur (Michael)

Macarthur appeared in 1998's Pleasantville and now does directorial work.

10. Christine Cavanaugh (Mona)

Cavanaugh is most famous for voicing Chuckie on another Nickelodeon show, Rugrats. She also provided the voice of Babe the pig in the eponymous movie. She retired from voice acting in 2001 and has been off the radar since then.