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18 Not-Awkward Things To Get Your New Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Whether it's ~official~ yet or not, get your almost-bae something fun but thoughtful.

1. A snazzy but cheap cocktail kit and a bottle of their favorite liquor.

It's fun, will get you drunk, and the vibe is more "come over for drinks" than "I love you, let's have babies ASAP."

Get this Moscow Mule cocktail kit on Amazon for $22.99 and the vodka from Hangar One for $41.

2. A set of classic books with gorgeously redesigned covers.

Have they casually mentioned their favorite author or childhood book? Pick up a copy and show you're thoughtful.

Get the Puffin in Bloom set of Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Heidi and A Little Princess for $43.21 on Amazon.

3. A make-your-own-hot-sauce kit, for a spicy date night in.

4. A fun but thoughtful print that will make them think of you every time they see it on their wall.

For bonus points, frame it yourself so it'll be ready to pop on their bedroom wall.

Get the Ursula print from Joey Chou for $85, and the sharks and cats print from Kozyndan for $25.

5. Something kooky for their apartment, like this burrito-scented candle.

6. A new smartphone case that's as pretty as they are.

7. A pair of tickets to their favorite sporting event, and add a personal touch with a new piece of team swag.

8. A collection of stuff to liven up their desk job, like this magic slime that cleans keyboards.

You can't make them hate their job less, but you can make their 9-5 a little more joyful.

Get it for $7.99 at Perpetual Kid.

9. A cozy pair of gloves for holding hands on those chilly but romantic winter walks.

Kiss them hello, of course, but kiss their icy fingers of death goodbye.

Get these collegiate stripe gloves for $26.60 at Bloomingdale's and these pom-pom leather gloves for $38 at ASOS.

10. A fun board game, like this Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set, because who wants to go out anyways?

Gift them one of your old classics — you can teach them how to play! — or learn a new game together.

Get it for $42.99 at Think Geek.

11. A bedside smartphone vase so they can charge their phone ~extra romantically.~

12. An ironic holiday sweater they'll want to wear year-round.

Everyone needs one for all of those ironic sweater parties, but it's way less fun to buy for yourself.

Get the unicorn Santa sweater for $65 from Tipsy Elves here, and get the Challah sweater for $57 from Tipsy Elves here.

13. The Bachelor-themed wines, to tease them about their secret addiction to the show.

14. Some giant (and hilarious) gummy candy to satisfy their adorable sweet tooth.

Caveat emptor: You'll probably have to babysit them during their sugar high.

Get the huge gummy pizza for $11.95, and get the giant gummy watermelon on a stick for $14.95.

15. This Nicolas Cage T-shirt, if they like memes.

And if they don't like memes... why are you dating them?

Get it for $29.99 at Modcloth.

16. A super stylish but super practical backpack for all their school and biking needs.

Snag them a nicer one than they'd pick for themselves.

Get the silver backpack for $60 at State Bags, and get the black striped backpack for $64.99 at Herschel.

17. A fun magazine subscription (most of them come super cheap these days).

In a digital world, it's still nice to come home to something fun to read in your mailbox.

Get a subscription to Real Simple for $12 at Amazon, and a subscription to Sports Illustrated for $20.80.

18. Something cozy to slip into bed in.

Whether you're there or not!

Get the alpaca robe for $34.99 at Modcloth, and get the Pokémon pajama set for $24.99 at Target.

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