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30 Times Portland Was Too Portland To Function

Keep Oregon weird.

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1. When these two guys wearing beanies walked their pet goats.

2. And this pig just wanted a damn sandwich.

3. When someone performed this scathing act of trash-talking.

4. When this strip club just wanted to help you avoid grains.

5. When this flaming bagpipe-playing Darth Vader Santa went for a unicycle ride, naturally.

6. When PDX was blessed by this truly staggering beard.

7. When these very solicitous cops left a message.

8. When you could get a dinosaur-themed psychic reading.

9. When this happened:

10. And this:

11. When this weed possession guide used a Voodoo donut for scale.

12. When this smart car towed a velocipede.

13. When this cookie was very smug. So smug.

Shut up, cookie.

Shut up, cookie.

14. When this totally blinged-out cat car went for a cruise.

15. And this opportunity arose for dogs to get turnt.

16. When pretty much everything could get bike-messengered.

17. When this guy proved you CAN work on your poetry book anywhere.

18. That time the Galactic Empire took a recess break.

19. When this chicken went wandering, but maybe wasn't lost.

20. When these yarnbombed otters were very pretty indeed.

21. This...uh...this.

22. When someone made this personal ad for...unknown reasons.

23. When a homeowner created this very relevant Easter display.

24. When this hipster mall Santa wore a cardigan and man bun.

25. This guy.

26. When a pug rode in a bike sidecar.

27. And this majestic cat actually rode the bike.

28. When this typewriter truly served humanity.

29. The time this wagon forded the river all the way to the grocery store.

30. And this apologetic bumper sticker pleaded for mercy.

Keep it weird, Portland.

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