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    Mother Publicly Shames 11-Year-Old Daughter For Twerking

    Soooooo embarrassing.

    A Bakersfield, Calif., 11-year-old named Jamie reportedly "twerked" at her school dance, even though her mother had warned her not to. Her mom's punishment? Post her at a busy intersection wearing this sign:

    "The school didn't even call me and let me know that it was going on," her mother, Frances Hena, said. "I want her to realize that she's a child, and she can't do that. She just can't."

    In addition to being forced to hold the sign up at a busy intersection, Jamie also got her iPod taken away.

    The reactions from passer-by are priceless:

    View this video on YouTube

    This twerking, for what it's worth, has yet to be apologized for.

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