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The 21 Most Important Selfies Of 2015

It was the best of selfies, it was the worst of selfies.

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This year, the selfie officially transitioned from a broadly mocked tool of "millennial narcissists" into a communication device that could convey powerful messages of its own.

In 2015, you could take a selfie just for the damn fun of it. (See: the Kardashians on Instagram.) But selfies also created a powerful platform to give us a glimpse into space, to hear from others about trans rights, feminism, body empowerment and much much more.

Below, some of 2015's most memorable selfies.

1. The Kim, Kanye, and Hillary selfie.

I got my selfie!!! I really loved hearing her speak & hearing her goals for our country! #HillaryForPresident

In August, Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West attended a Los Angeles fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Later, they used their kombined Kimye power to get backstage for, of course, a selfie.

2. The sorority girl baseball game selfies that were heavily mocked on national television.


A bunch of college girls took selfies at an October Arizona Diamondbacks game. This would have gone unnoticed, but TV cameras spotted the girls, and two announcers had a field day mocking the sorority sisters for being "narcissists" and "ignoring the game" in favor of taking selfies with a churro.

Internet reaction was split between naysayers taking a similar tone and scores of people defending the girls for just being normal 2015 humans who sometimes take pictures of themselves. (The sorority sisters later used their moment of fame to spotlight their favorite charity.)

3. The perfectly timed Google Street View selfie.

Nasr Bitar from Ontario, Canada, spotted the Google Street View car in his neighborhood and quickly figured out the driving patterns the car was taking. He later found his image on Google Maps and posted it to Instagram, creating this (the first??) selfie inside a screenshot inside an Instagram photo.


7. The "My Wife Is Giving Birth Right Now" selfie.

Gil Solano of Denver took this viral selfie while his wife, Sarah, was in labor with their daughter, Eva.

Sarah told BuzzFeed News she didn’t know the picture was being taken, but she was a good sport about it. “I had been pushing for a few hours and Gil showed it to me to help take my mind off of things and make me laugh,” she said. “I thought it was hilarious and told him he should send it to some of our friends.”


8. The fitspo-shattering selfie.

London personal trainer and fitness blogger Sophie Kay took these two selfies to prove that so-called "fitspiration" photos aren't always everything they claim.

Under the photo, she wrote: “All I did in the three minutes between the two photos was to turn off the overhead light, put on underwear that fit better, twist my body slightly to the side to show off my best angle, flex and, of course, add a filter. So don’t pay much attention to those ‘before and after’ shots!"

10. Ramadan selfies.

Ammar Awad / Reuters

Religious pilgrims this year jumped on the trend of taking selfies during Ramadan at al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. The selfie takers have said that the selfies are both a personal memento and a way to communicate with relatives who are unable to visit the ancient mosque.

Gulf News, however, reports that not everyone is keen on the holy selfies. “People can no longer worship in tranquility and peace of mind,” one worshipper said. “You want to walk and you inevitably bump into someone who stopped to take a selfie. We need solutions.”

11. The Curiosity rover's epic selfies from MARS.


Using its seven-foot-long robotic arm, the Mars Curiosity rover snapped several selfies of itself prowling Martian terrain back in August. It then uploaded them to Instagram with the hashtags #DontHateMeCuzYouAintMe and #JustMarsThings.


12. The selfie series from this trans man documenting his changing appearance during three years of testosterone treatment.

Jamie Raines

British student Jamie Raines, 21, was about to turn 18 when he first started taking testosterone, the hormone that helps transgender men masculinize their appearance, voice, and body. He decided to document his transition by taking a selfie each day.

Raines, whose story went hugely viral online, made the series of 1,400 selfies into a short film that was later included in a documentary about transgender men.

14. These time-lapse selfies by a guy who took a photo of himself every day for eight years (from age 12 to age 20).

View this video on YouTube

Hugo Cornellier of Montreal says he’s taken a selfie every single day from the age of 12 to 20. He collected every selfie into this mesmerizing two-minute time-lapse video.

15. The Sam Smith breakup selfie.

Instagram: @samsmithworld

Sam Smith is all of us.


16. The space station selfie.


NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore snapped this selfie in February while doing a "spacewalk" outside of the International Space Station. (Check out his upside-down astronaut friend in his visor.)

17. The viral selfies of women with half of their makeup on.

It all started when YouTube star NikkieTutorials posted a video highlighting the “power of makeup," which showed her with putting on full glam makeup — but only on the right half of her face. Soon, hundreds of people were uploading half-makeup selfies using the hashtag #ThePowerOfMakeup along with comments such as “Because when someone asks who I’m trying to look good for, my answer is always ‘myself.’"

18. The first ever Kris and Caitlyn Jenner selfie.

Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Kim Kardashian shared this selfie, taken at Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday party, on Instagram. The photo shows Kris posing for the first time with her ex-spouse since Caitlyn's transition.