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25 McDonald's Items You Can't Get In The U.S.

Mozzarella sticks? Oreo ice cream cones? Beer? AMERICA, GET ON THIS.

1. Bubblegum Squash McFlurry (Australia)

2. Cono Oreo (Mexico)

3. McPaneer (India)

4. Mozzarella Dippers (Britain)

5. McBeer (Chill Countries)

6. Pizzarotto (Italy)

7. McPoutine (Canada)

8. Taro Pie (China)

9. McNurnburger (Germany)

10. McPrawn (Russia)

11. Bacon Potato Pie (Japan)

12. Twister Fries (Philippines)

13. Kiwiburger (New Zealand)

14. McFlurry Kranky (Mexico)

15. McArabia (Middle East)

16. BLT Bagel (Canada)

17. Shaka Shaka Chicken (Japan)

18. Chicken McMuffin (China)

19. Fried Chicken With Spaghetti (Philippines)

20. McIberica (Spain)

21. La Salade Pates Mozzarella (Mozzarella Pasta Salad), France

22. Pineapple Stick (Britain)

23. McPatatas (Mexico)

24. McFloat (Philippines)

25. Block of Parmesan Cheese (Italy)

I couldn't find a picture of this in the wild, but according to the website for McDonald's Italy, you can buy a block of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese there as a snack. Slay, Italy, slay.

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