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23 Signs Your Lululemon Addiction Is Out Of Control

Hand over the Wunder Unders and no one gets hurt.

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1. Your Lulu stash makes you *actually excited* to work out.

2. You wear your Lulus running errands. And going out. And FINE, everywhere you wear regular clothes.

3. When people say, "Lululemon is so expensive!":

Oh, really? I had no idea! *looks at bank statement and cries*

4. You consider some of your Lulu pants even sexier than regular clothes.

5. You have enough little red bags to bring your lunch in for the rest of your life.

6. No, seriously. It's bad.

7. Just walking past a store gives you hives of excitement.

8. By now you have more running tops than ACTUAL tops.

9. The little purple sticker gives you a better adrenaline rush than a roller coaster.

10. But paying crazy amounts of money for resale Lulu suddenly doesn't sound too weird, either.

(OK, maaaaaaybe $1,000 for shorts is a LITTLE ridiculous.)

(OK, maaaaaaybe $1,000 for shorts is a LITTLE ridiculous.)

11. And the salespeople know your name...and crops size.

12. You consider their sports bras a blessing from on high.

13. Laundry day is basically just throwing all your workout clothes in the washer.

14. When someone asks what you want for your birthday:

Lulu gift cards, please!

15. You believe the butt-boosting powers of Lulu are truly transcendent.

16. Lululemon clothes make you want to try new sports just so you can expand your wardrobe.

Sure, I could get into snowboarding. *buys 12 parkas*

17. You have two glasses of wine, and suddenly it's 1 a.m. and you're perusing the "What's New" section.

18. You love finding those little secret messages tucked away in your clothes.

19. You know you could get a yoga mat for cheaper than Lululemon's...but...

20. Your gym bag IS your main bag.

21. When someone asks, "Can't you just get your workout clothes at Target? They're cheaper."

You could get a ton of cheap gear that'll fall apart and not wick, or you could get a couple of high-quality items that'll last years!

22. Explaining luon to your friends is your favorite hobby.

23. And this is not-so-secretly your motto:

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