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    20 Reasons Florida Is Still The Greatest State In America

    Hurricane, shmurricane.

    1. Hurricane Irma hit Florida hard this weekend, but let me tell you something about Floridians. We're resilient AF.

    2. No matter what challenge faces us, we will respond in the most Florida way possible: with Publix cakes.

    FL Gov: Evacuate while you still can! @Publix : We made #cake! #hurricaneirma2017 #onlyinflorida #floridalife

    3. Listen, we're creative. We invented parking lot balance beam so we could get back to our cars from the beach.

    4. And we face down birds larger than we are every day. Seriously, world, these birds are frickin' huge.

    5. But that doesn't mean we're not kind to strangers.

    6. We stare down every challenge, from winter...

    7. ...To summer.

    8. And we like our Christmases just fine without snow, thanks.

    9. From lovebug attacks...

    10. ...To driving in season, we've got this on lock.

    11. We can even handle *gasp* walking into an unfamiliar Publix.

    12. (But don't worry, we'll find the deli counter, stat.)

    13. If we can still drive our cars after accidentally parking in a sunny spot...

    14. ...And handle sweating from our eyeballs...

    15. ...We can ride out Irma.

    16. Hey, we've survived some really brutal winters.

    17. And we have more seasons in one afternoon than you have in a year.

    18. If this truly ginormous alligator doesn't make us flinch, NOTHING WILL.

    19. In this state, we fight.

    20. And don't worry, we know what to REALLY be afraid of.