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Living In New York City Vs. Living In San Francisco

On the one hand: Di Fara. On the other hand: El Farolito.

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New York: Dressing up means putting on the latest hot trends.

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San Francisco: Dressing up means putting on your *favorite* Patagonia hoodie.

New York: The subway will take you pretty much everywhere you need to go.

San Francisco: Hope you enjoy three Muni transfers and then a nice stroll uphill!

New York: You spontaneously go to happy hour after work on a Tuesday, then stay out until 10 p.m. and somehow spend $70 on french fries and gin and tonics.

San Francisco: People generally go home after work? Unless it's a dinner you've planned ahead of time. And everyone goes to bed early.

New York: Pizza and bagels are baked in heaven and then delivered to the city via God Himself.

San Francisco: Burritos are hand-rolled by Zeus and gently washed ashore in the tender grasp of Poseidon.

New York: Winter is a frowning cesspool of blizzard and slush and wet socks at work and general misery.

San Francisco: Winter is just as beautiful as summer, and it's maybe even slightly warmer!

New York: Coffee shops look shops.

San Francisco: Coffee shops look like art galleries.

New York: People will tell you their personal drama, what they pay for rent, and what prescription meds they're on within an hour of knowing you.

San Francisco: People tend to be a little more guarded.

New York: You go to the drugstore and they give you a bag with the stuff you bought in it.

San Francisco: You're going to want to have Your Bags on you at all times.

New York: Going to Starbucks and overhearing someone's awkward OkCupid date.

San Francisco: Going to Starbucks and overhearing an awkward conversation about growth hacking strategies.

New York: Need a cab? Go outside!

San Francisco: If you don't use Uber or Lyft, you're screwed.

New York: People go between boroughs easily and happily.

San Francisco: Good luck ever seeing your East Bay friends if you live in SF, and vice versa.

New York: The temperature in one area of the city is generally the temperature in another area of the city.

San Francisco: Always carry clothing that prepares you for sun, rain, fog, cold, hot, warm, and wind, all within 7x7 miles.

New York: You live in constant fear of a window air conditioner falling on your head.

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San Francisco: You live in constant fear of a drone falling on your head.

New York: There are so many women everywhere!

San Francisco: Men. MEN MEN MEN MEN MEN. Men as far as the eye can see.

New York: Getting an apartment is impossible, and rent will bankrupt you.

San Francisco: Getting an apartment is impossible, and rent WILL bankrupt you.

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