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21 Pieces Of Handwriting So Perfect They're Borderline Erotic

*takes long, slow drag on cigarette*

Courtesy of r/penmanshipporn...

1. Just look lustfully at these gorgeous meeting notes.

2. Unnnnnnnnf, this apostrophe...

3. This Starbucks cup is a WORK OF DAMN ART.

4. Can you believe "minimum" is the most beautiful word of all time?

5. I want to study these notes All. Night. Long.

6. *stares at this quote forever*


8. And this check mark. OMG.

9. Whoever learned to write cursive like this: It was worth it!!!

10. This isn't a font?

11. This essay gets an automatic A.

12. Could it be the most beautiful chalk art in the world?

13. Those "Y" loops, tho.

14. This sign is so mean, but the penmanship is so pretty!!!

15. Scope out this amaaaaaaazing signature.

16. This teacher has my undivided attention!

17. Look at this weird but wonderful handwriting on a card.

18. How could you not follow every item on this GORGEOUS to-do list?

19. This is almost mathematical in its beauty.

20. Would you believe NONE of this is printed out?

21. This text is making me go Oscar Wilde.

Visit r/PenmanshipPorn for more!

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