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    Posted on Feb 26, 2016

    This "Fuller House" Parody Nails The Problem With San Francisco

    A lot has changed since the Tanners left.

    AJ+, an offshoot of Al Jazeera, has created this parody of Fuller House that satirizes what living in present day San Francisco is REALLY all about: freakin' insane housing prices.

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    Forget Bob Saget: the real star of THIS series is the reason everyone's moving to the East Bay!

    There's no way Danny Tanner could be paying THIS mortgage today.

    Things have changed a little since the Tanners lived here in their huge, perfect, CHEAP house.

    The middle class has already dwindled, and it's getting worse.

    The inflated housing market has displaced a large number of San Francisco's black community.

    And the creative class has had to say sayonara, too.

    According to the video, who should we hold responsible for this post-Full House mess?



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