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    30 Notes That Prove Kids Are Huge Jerks


    1. Dear Mrs. McMahon:

    2. I am sorry (to a grandparent):

    3. Dear Mom:

    4. Frankie:

    5. This:

    6. Hi Dad:

    7. This pointed reminder:

    8. Dear Mrs. K:

    9. This response from Julian:

    10. Mom and Dad:

    11. Buckets of my tears:

    12. When I grow up:

    13. Tooth:

    14. Sebastian came to life:

    15. Good morning:

    16. Thank you Mom:

    17. Dear parents:

    18. This art project (and teacher's reply):

    19. This is fucking urgent:

    20. Dear Brody:

    21. Or "your" fired:

    22. If you:

    23. My bunny:

    24. Busted:

    25. I will miss you:

    26. Sorry:

    27. PS:

    28. I am warning you:

    29. Amanda:

    30. Dear Mom and Dad:

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