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27 Pictures That Are Totally, 100%, Actually True

They just are.

1. It's just so crunchy.

2. Being the responsible one.

3. THIS:

4. Trying to take a picture of the moon:

5. Whoa u look so different:

6. Firing up that bio 101 knowledge:

7. The #2 biggest bummer:

8. That feel:

9. Getting out of bed is hard.

10. This gon' be good:

11. But I was gone for seven minutes.

12. Who would choose table????

13. AHHHHHH Garnier Fructis:

14. *lights come on brighter than the sun*

15. Every single time:

16. Taking any test:

17. And also this:

18. Let me break out my jorts:

19. If I just hold it like this and don't move.

20. The can-of-soup struggle:

21. Getting gas:

22. Inserting a USB:

23. Even though you ate breakfast:

24. OMG is that what I look like?

25. Creepin':

26. Wait, nooooooo:

27. And finally, please put me in the ground.