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    19 Super-Interesting Facts About Pixar's "Inside Out"

    Joy's secret glow, Anger's magic newspapers, a major plot hole, and more.

    1. The bubbly texture of the characters' skin cost a fortune to animate.

    2. Disgust is shaped like a piece of broccoli.

    3. The newspapers Anger reads have headlines about what's happening in Riley's day.

    4. A team of 45 animators worked on the movie, about half the size of previous Pixar films.

    5. In the "first day of school" scene, one of the "cool girls" is wearing a skull shirt similar to Sid's in Toy Story.

    6. Richard Kind, the voice of Bing Bong, was actually crying when he recorded the line, "Take her to the moon for me, Joy."

    7. There's a plot hole: Why didn't Joy just push the core memories back up through the pneumatic tube that the forgetters use to send up the Tripledent gum jingle?

    8. Writers originally drew six emotions: the current five, plus "Surprise."

    9. Did you catch that Finding Nemo reference in Imagination Land?

    10. Riley's San Francisco house has the address 21 Royal St., which is the name of Disneyland's new restaurant.

    11. Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is the voice behind Mind Worker Cop Jake.

    12. When an Emotion interacts with the console, it gets tinted that color.

    13. In a scrapped scene, Joy swims down into the realm of "unconsciousness."

    14. In early versions of the film, Joy was paired with Fear, not Sadness.

    15. The camera is often a little shaky when Riley is sad or upset.

    16. The globe in Riley's classroom is the same model seen in Toy Story.

    17. When Riley's dreams shift into nightmares, the film plays the theme music from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion ride.

    18. The console in headquarters gets bigger as Riley gets older.

    19. Joy glows yellow, but if you look closely, she has a blue aura. This foreshadows her eventual acceptance of Sadness.