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31 Very Real San Francisco Problems

*walks three blocks* *temperature changes 20 degrees*

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1. Those "gentle city breezes."

Wind blowing so hard it's shaking my building. #sanfranciscoproblems

2. When the beach is not exactly beach-y.

Forced to take the day off. Too cold at the beach. What gives? #sanfranciscoproblems

3. This:

Web site blocking in car when I want to go to gym at 6a. #sanfranciscoproblems #sfist

4. How there's STILL no topography (m)app.

Google Maps, you tell me how far the walk is but not how far uphill it is. #SanFranciscoproblems

5. When Karl DGAF about your travel plans.

My flight is currently on fog hold... #SanFranciscoProblems

6. The hardest decision you'll ever make.

I was just asked, "So you would prefer to keep your rent control instead of finding love?" #SanFranciscoProblems

7. When gentrification strikes your hangouts.

The cafe where I was working all day just turned into a disco-tech. I looked up and my coffee was a martini. #SanFranciscoProblems

8. This:


9. Trying to get stuff done in September.

Burning Man bounceback emails #sanfranciscoproblems

10. One word: microclimates.

I was sweating in shorts and crop top earlier, now it's raining. What the fuck. #sanfranciscoproblems

11. This:

12. This poor person:

OH: "But I don't want to write a mobile app!" #SanFranciscoProblems

13. This very accurate truth.

“I have an ocean-view apartment because I can’t afford to live anywhere else in the city.” #sanfranciscoproblems

14. Trying to be fit and then jogging by Farolito.

Seriously once a week I set off on a run and end up with a burrito. #sanfranciscoproblems

15. Seismic alarm clocks.

Nothing says Happy Monday like waking up to an earthquake #SanFranciscoproblems

16. Being outside at noon and getting the crap scared out of you.

Shouldn't the "THIS IS ONLY A TEST" announcement come BEFORE the obnoxious siren? #SanFranciscoProblems

17. When every MUNI line comes and yours is just like, "Nah."

When two K's a J, an N and a shuttle go by and still no M. #SanFranciscoProblems 😫😥😤😤😤😤

18. Eating during the lunch rush.

Table hasn't been cleaned off yet and is covered in quinoa #SanFranciscoProblems

19. Extremely difficult dinner decisions.

Ramen or Pho? #SanFranciscoProblems

20. Overhearing the worst people in the world.

People on the street complaining about their Teslas #SanFranciscoProblems

21. Paying "second rent" just to park your damn car.

Great. I just got on a "waiting list" for a parking spot in a parking garage! Welcome to #SanFrancisco , kids! #SVLife #SanFranciscoProblems

22. "Summer."

Must be May because the heat is on at our house #SanFranciscoProblems

23. This:

#SanFranciscoProblems My avocados split open in my backpack while I was running home from adult kickball

24. Street yelling.

Can't tell whether guy on corner is coming down from a bad trip or if it's performance art. #SanFranciscoProblems

25. When you really want to wear your gray hoodie but...

You can’t avoid looking like a tech jerk because it’s undeniably perfect hoodie weather. #sanfranciscoproblems

26. When there's no third bin.

We don't have compost bins in our new Oakland office and it stresses me out. #SanFranciscoProblems

27. Trying to drive up Powell.

When you're in an uber and the driver doesn't realize he can go around the cable car... #SanFranciscoProblems

28. Great housing deals!!!

Ridiculous things I've typed today: HURRY. I just sent you a link to a room that's renting for CHEAP. Only $1,250. #SanFranciscoProblems

29. Diversity of industry.

Tripped and may have just joined a startup. #sanfranciscoproblems

30. Making use with what you've got.

When you spill tea on your laptop and dry it with quinoa instead of rice. #sanfranciscoproblems

31. And this eternal struggle.

Me, looking for parking. #SanFranciscoProblems

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