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    15 Snacks Every Health Food Kid Was Forced To Eat In The '90s

    Mom, I just want a SPRITE.

    1. Frookie Cookies

    Flickr: mankatt

    What you wanted instead: Chips Ahoy.

    What these tasted like: Cookies (yay!) sweetened with only fruit juice (noooooo).

    2. And their cousin, the Frookwich

    What you really wanted: Oreos.

    What these tasted like: NOT Oreos.

    3. Spritzer "sodas"

    What you really wanted: Coca-Cola. Mountain Dew. Anything!

    What this tasted like: The embarrassment you felt when you had friends from school over and your mom served up these instead of Sprite.

    4. Sundrops

    What you really wanted: M&Ms.

    What this tasted like: Beety, carrot-y M&Ms. Thanks, natural food coloring!

    5. Kudos Bars

    What you really wanted: CANDY!

    What these tasted like: CANDY! :)

    6. Fruit Leather

    What you really wanted: Gushers, but even a normal Fruit Roll-Up would do.

    What this tasted like: Eating actual shoe leather.

    7. Ezekiel Bread

    What you wanted instead: Wonder Bread.

    What you got: The sprout-iest PB&Js in the whole cafeteria.

    8. Rice Dream "Ice Cream" Bars

    What you really wanted: A Choco-Taco.

    What these tasted like: Cold, flaky, rice-y filling coated with FUCKING CAROB.

    9. Hain Carrot Chips

    What you wanted instead: Sour cream and onion potato chippppppppps.

    What these tasted like: Potato chips for Bugs freakin' Bunny.

    10. Health Valley Cereal Bars

    What you really wanted: Nutri-Grain cereal bars

    What these tasted like: I mean, basically the same. But WAY less cool to have in your lunch.

    11. Smucker's All Natural Peanut Butter

    What you really wanted: Jif.

    What you got instead: This.

    12. Annie's products, before they were cool and everywhere

    What you wanted: Goldfish and Easy Mac.

    What these tasted like: Pretty delicious, actually!

    13. Nature's Path Toaster Pastries

    What you really wanted: Pop Tarts.

    What these tasted like: You call that frosting?

    14. Stuff with amaranth

    What you really wanted: Stuff without amaranth.

    What you were really doing: Eating ancient grains before it was cool.

    15. Puffins cereal

    What you really wanted: Cap'n Crunch.

    What this tasted like: Same roof-of-your-mouth assault, less sugar. :(