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    Apr 20, 2015

    How To Pretend You Never Saw Someone's Facebook Message

    You have been waiting your WHOLE LIFE for this.

    Let's get real: The "seen" feature on Facebook messages is ruining your life.

    When someone messages you, they can see if you read their message. And you can see if they've read yours! This is fun for no one.

    Here's how you can stop the madness:

    1. Download the Facebook Unseen extension on Chrome.

    2. Turn it on!

    3. Check as many of these options as you'd like in the Preferences > Extensions panel. (You can block them on chat as well.)

    It really works! This means that message recipients won't be able to tell if you've read their messages or not.

    The downside is, you won't be able to tell if others have read your messages either. Make your call!


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