How To Be The Tackiest Girl At Prom

    Just wear one of these WORST DRESSES EVER. Easy!

    1. Prints are good. The more colors the better!

    2. You can never have too many colors OR prints.

    3. Colors and prints and prints and colors.

    4. Did somebody say COLORS AND PRINTS?

    5. I think someone said colors and prints.

    6. Leopard!

    7. Colors and leopard.

    8. Colors AND leopard AND other stuff.

    9. Enough prints. Time for FEATHERS.

    10. Sprouting feathers!

    11. How about some bedazzling?

    12. And some gems!

    13. Gems and ruffles!

    14. Gems and FLOWERS.

    15. Butterfly wings and gems.

    16. Tulle!

    17. A tail made of tulle.

    18. Tulle tails.

    19. No, cutouts!

    20. Prints and gems and colors and ruffles.

    21. Gems and tulle and ruffles and colors.

    22. Prints and colors and ruffles and gems and cutouts.

    23. Ruffles and gems and cutouts and tulle and colors.

    Well, are you ready to WERQ?