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31 Photos That Will Drive You Crazy Until You Figure Them Out

Can you get all of these?

1. Those aren't barstools.

2. This girl doesn't have three legs.

3. That's not his hand.

4. And whose hand is that?

5. This guy isn't really hanging on for his life.

6. And the girl on the left isn't a zombie.

7. This woman's head IS attached to her body.

8. That's not a lake.

9. And that's not green concrete.

10. These humans aren't really tiny humans.

11. This man didn't pee his pants.

12. Don't worry, this is a full-sized doggo.

13. This isn't some sort of medieval beast.

14. This is all one photo.

15. This woman actually does have a head.

16. This picture is G-rated.

17. So is this one.

18. And believe it or not, so is this one. (Hint: Tilt your head to the right.)

19. This is a photo of three people.

20. This woman has bikini bottoms on.

21. What is even going on here?

22. This is not a painting.

23. This mug is full. No, wait, empty....?

24. Oh wow.

25. What...what?

26. This cow has a head.

27. Was this taken from the top or the bottom of the stairs?

28. This woman isn't abnormally skinny.

29. Where did he go?????

30. Thankfully, this isn't a butt.

31. And this guy's nose is not...like that.

Did you get them all??