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    The 23 Most Important Soul Patches Of All Time

    They're there. They're made of hair. Get used to it.

    1. Stevie Ray Vaughan: The bluesy, sultry patch

    2. Steve Harwell from Smash Mouth: The ska-tinged late '90s patch

    3. Howie Mandel: The "just the patch" patch

    4. Billy Ray Cyrus: The dad patch

    5. Richard Baxter: The 17th century Puritan theologian patch

    6. Kevin Costner: The "lol, Waterworld? Never heard of it" patch

    7. William Shakespeare: The shuffled off this mortal coil patch

    8. Fred Durst: The patch that did it all for the nookie

    9. Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen: The born in the USA patch

    10. Phil Jackson: The patch that's freakishly great at basketball

    11. Vlad the Impaler: The "go ahead, laugh, I have mercenaries" patch

    12. Stevie Wonder: The soulest of the patches by far

    13. Chris Gaines: The "patch the Garth Brooks away" patch

    14. David Boreanaz: The brooding vampire patch

    15. Joe Jonas: The "soon Zac Efron will have one just like it" patch

    16. Zac Efron: The "soon Justin Bieber will have one just like it" patch

    17. Frank Zappa: The scary rock patch

    18. John Travolta in "Swordfish": The LOL what is this movie patch

    19. Billy Bob Thornton: The "is this making me look creepy?" patch

    20. Apolo Anton Ohno: The arrow pointing to your lips patch

    21. Jack White: The ambiguously related patch

    22. Ray Charles: The legendary patch

    23. J.C. Chasez: The douchiest facial hair of all time patch