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Watch A Rabbi, Priest And Atheist Get Totally Stoned Together

As you might expect, it's pretty fascinating.

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Cut Video found a rabbi, an Episcopal priest, and a self-identified "conservative, homosexual atheist" who would toke up together and talk religion. This is what happened...

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First, Rev. Chris Schuler took his first ever bong hit.

Rabbi Jim Mirel ripped the bong like a champ.

And Carlos Diller, who says he's a regular marijuana smoker, finished it off.

The trio then moved on to joints, and things really got interesting.

Diller opened up about growing up in Catholic school.

And he also brought up how he struggles with theodicy.

The weed was really kicking in at this point.

And Rabbi Mirel started getting deep.

The high (heh) point might have been when Rev. Schuler ashed Diller's forehead in the typical Ash Wednesday blessing with ashes from his joint.

Moral of the story: Maybe it was the pot talking, but this group of apparent outsiders seemed to really bond.

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