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    27 Vines That Will 100% Make You Laugh

    "It's frickin' bats!"

    1. Your life in a nutshell:

    2. This cat's face:

    3. You for all of October:

    4. When you finally nail that Mariah high note:

    5. LOL:

    6. Low-budget Pixar intro:

    7. Welcome to the future:

    8. Underage-drinking fail:

    9. Nicki Minaj impression:

    10. Achieving zen:

    11. (Make sure you have the sound turned on.)

    12. Driving advice from Kanye:

    13. When your mom says you have to cook dinner:

    14. The smoothest pickpocketers:

    15. Captain:

    16. When your aunt gets you a horrible gift for Christmas.

    17. Nature:

    18. Squad goals:

    19. Well, shoot:

    20. Wait for it:

    21. When it's 420 and you've still gotta work:

    22. You vs. your goals:

    23. This drunk guy fighting a bush:

    24. When you try to do even a simple task:

    25. Trap queen:

    26. Blindfolded hearing-test prank:

    27. And this:

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