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    There's An Entire Subreddit Devoted To Pictures Of Guys' Forearms

    Forearms are the new everything.

    r/ForearmPorn is a subreddit dedicated to men's sexy forearms.

    The only rule of Forearm Porn? "Sleeveless shirts and rolled-up sleeves" are encouraged.

    1. Most of the posts are selfies, with helpful captions like "This is what 10 years of rock climbing has done to me."

    2. "I think I'm learning. Second submission."

    3. "I worked on a farm until I was 20."

    4. "The doctor will see you now."

    5. "Any love for tattooed forearms?"

    6. "Forearms and a cat? Am I doing this right?"

    7. "I ate my spinach this morning."

    8. "I was told you might like candid forearms?"

    9. "You guys seem to enjoy my forearms."

    10. "My first thought when I saw this subreddit: man there is a fetish for everything."

    11. "Tie Day Friday."

    12. "Thin, well-defined ones."

    13. "Software engineer arms."

    And judging by the comments, people are... appreciative.

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