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    Posted on Jan 22, 2017

    25 Things That Happen When You Start Getting Fit

    So. Much. Laundry.

    1. First of all, you've mastered your "entering beast mode" routine.

    2. Your fitness tracker has become your favorite accessory.

    3. None of your clothes fit anymore.


    Oh darn, guess it's time to go shopping.

    4. And since you've been working out, you actually crave healthy food now.

    Because the junk you used to crave now makes you feel like actual junk yourself.

    5. But that doesn't mean you're above snacking. No, sir!

    6. You don't feel truly satisfied at the gym until you resemble a cat caught in a thunderstorm.

    7. You become a HUGE lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

    Which means you get hangovers after one beer. :(

    8. You have WAY more sneakers than regular shoes.

    And when your friends see you wearing regular shoes, they're like... "ARE YOU OK???"

    9. And underwire bras...wait, what are those again?

    10. You love to sneak in some cardio whenever you can.

    11. And instead of dreading workouts, you look forward to them.

    12. You can climb stairs without getting winded now.

    Well, like...a moderate number of stairs.

    13. And heavy stuff feels way lighter.

    14. Your new favorite hobby is checking out your gains.

    15. You actually enjoy your protein snacks.

    And you have VERY STRONG FEELINGS on which bar is best.

    16. And you even look forward to your Tupperware full of meal-prep food.

    Chicken and carrots? YES PLEASE!

    17. Your pile of dirty workout pants starts getting a little out of control.

    18. You fully realize the challenge of trying to be a good partner AND keeping up your fitness.

    "How about date night at the gym, babe?"

    19. And if anyone tries to mess with your routine, you're beside yourself.

    20. You drink a lot of water now. Like, a lot.

    21. You've experienced the torture of having to take the stairs after Leg Day.

    22. And you actually crave that day-after-working-out muscle soreness.

    It a really good way.

    23. Who's that person who actually uses the hotel gym? Yep, it's you.

    24. That doesn't mean you're immune to temptation...

    25. But even when things get hard, you're committed to the new you.

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