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Everyone Is Making Jokes About The Name Of Apple's New "El Capitan"

At least it's better than "Mavericks"....?

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El Capitan is the name of Apple's new OS X update. It's also the name of one of Yosemite National Park's most popular mountains.


Naturally, people on Twitter had some things to say about the name.

Da FUQ is "#ElCapitan, #Apple? REELY? Must be the name of the #strain they #smoked while coming up with that hideous #OS name. :/

El Capitan is a name that Jack Black calls his barista.

The new version of OS X is called "El Capitan" after the peak, which took 100 million years to create & is impossible to scale.

“With OS X, we’re moving away form California beaches to… Mexican Lucha Libre wrestlers” | #ElCapitan #WWDC

there is no way this is called el capitan

"We are proud to unveil our iCloud personalization suite: OSXL Capitan, My Capitan. Seize the day, friends!"

OS X Sierra Madre, for big bold flavor

If #ElCapitan is sweet, people will call it EL CAP. When encountering inevitable early release bugaboos theyll call it EL CRAP. #WWDC #APPLE

I sense that my Spanish skills are finally gonna pay off. #ElCapitan

OS X: A Slightly More Specific Part Of Yosemite #ElCapitan #WWDC

OSX College Freshman Doing His First Keg Stand

Glad to see they named the new OSX after Derek Jeter. #ElCapitan

now imagine Kanye West giving this very same presentation #ElCapitan

Waiting for punchline in OS X naming joke #ElCapitan

OS X Yosemite --> OS X El Capitan --> OS X Dawn Wall --> OS X Pitch 19 --> OS X That Little Handhold That Looks Like a Fishtail

Timeline has a lot of “El Capitan” references…. Sounds like a new exclusive line of tequila/rum. EL CAPITAN: BLACK BEARD’S BLEND #elcapitan

So it's #ElCapitan What's next? The Crevice of El Capitan in Yosemite? After that? The Dosh inside The Crevice of El Capitan in Yosemite?

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