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It's 2015 And Every Dress Should Have Pockets

An open letter to FASHION.

Attention fashion people: It's time to talk.

Every dress should come with pockets! EVERY DRESS SHOULD COME WITH POCKETS.

Have you ever been at a party in a cocktail dress and tried to balance your clutch purse, phone, glass of wine and hors d'oeuvres plate?

Welcome to klutzy hell.

If your dress has pockets, you can carry your phone and essentials hands-free. This is a huge deal!

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You are way less likely to lose your phone or have it stolen when it's snug against your body.

You can always stash stuff in your bra, but pulling cash out of your boobs is pretty — no, INTENSELY — awkward.

Pockets only use a small amount of fabric and are relatively cheap to add.

Running errands is so much easier when you don't have to schlep a bag.


Keys, debit card, phone: all tucked right in your handy pockets.

You have quicker, easier access to your phone.

None of that digging-through-the-bottom-of-your-purse crap.

Discovering a dress has pockets is like getting home and realizing you still have pizza left in the fridge.

There's nothing worse than doing the "putting your hands in your pockets" motion and realizing your dress doesn't have them.

If wedding dresses can come with pockets, surely every other dress can, right?

PLEASE, COMPANIES, put pockets in all your dresses. Thank you!

Sincerely, All of Womankind

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