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    Wake up and check your phone. All you have is one spam tweet reply:

    Check Instagram. That one friend posted 2000 photos of the same concert last night:

    Facebook reminds you your ex got engaged with a big pink heart in the top right:

    Go underground on the subway before that Spotify song finished syncing:

    Get to work. Gchat with your friends all day:

    INBOX: "Your bank statement is now ready":

    Your aunt posted on your Facebook wall:

    And someone just found out about a really old meme, and thinks it's OMG LOL HILARIOUSSS!!!!!

    An article going around is sexist, racist, homophobic or just plain WRONG:

    Send a bunch of Twitter replies back and forth to the same person:

    Someone reblogged something you wrote on Tumblr:

    A friend sends you a new video of baby polar bears:

    But then you accidentally read some of the YouTube comments:

    Someone on work email replies all accidentally:

    Wait, wait. A celebrity @-replied you! RETWEET RETWEET RETWEET

    One of your friends is having a party but BCCed the invite, so you have no idea who else is going:

    Gchat everyone about how you're so excited to leave work for the day.

    Goodbye work computer, hello home computer!

    Weird ads about "63-year old mom in [YOUR CITY] looks 23!" with a creepy picture designed to make you look at it:

    End a conversation on a Facebook thread by "liking" the other person's comment:

    That person you like is on Gchat and YOU'RE on Gchat and they can clearly see your green dot, so why aren't they IMing you???

    Another new Facebook notification, and it's your high school bio classmate inviting you to a random game:

    Look at cool stuff on Pinterest that you would never ever be able to make or do in real life.

    Put a bunch of stuff in an Amazon cart but never check out:

    Search your sore throat on WebMD and call your mom in a panic spiral.

    Still no very important Gchats:

    Instagram stalk someone and get really nervous about accidentally "hearting" one of their old photos.

    Pass out to an episode of the West Wing:

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