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    17 Totally Easy Ways To Sneak Protein Into Every Meal

    Get your grams in, one whey or the other.

    1. Swap out the pasta in your dinner recipes for quinoa.

    2. ...or have it for breakfast instead of cereal.

    3. Experiment with less common grains, too.

    4. Make brownies with black beans instead of flour.

    5. Find a protein powder that you *actually* like.

    6. Put nuts and seeds into EVERYTHING.

    7. Switch all of your yogurt to Greek yogurt.

    8. Stir protein powder into your iced coffee.

    9. Bake Quest Bars in the oven to make warm, soft COOKIES.

    If you've ever eaten a Quest protein bar, you have probably noticed that the texture can be a little bit, um, challenging to chew. The solution? Pop a bar (any flavor) in a 375 convection oven for five minutes, and it'll turn soft and melty.

    You can also cut a few bars into cookie-like shapes and bake them in a muffin tray or on a cookie sheet to make a portable cookie stash.

    10. Think beyond the boring chicken breast.

    11. Eat half an avocado every day.

    12. Try nutritional yeast as a tasty, healthy way to add flavor.

    13. Stir an egg white into your oatmeal.

    14. Use cottage cheese as an ingredient instead of a stand-alone snack.

    15. Remember: Canned salmon and tuna are your friends.

    16. Snack on roasted chickpeas instead of crackers or chips.

    17. And when in doubt, put sprinkles in it.