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    17 Brain-Shattering Optical Illusions

    Hold onto your screens.

    1. This GIF speeds up when you look away from it.

    2. Stare at the cross.

    3. What do you see in this photo? Most adults will see two lovers, but children, who have no context for such an image, see nine black dolphins.

    4. Can you find the man's face in the beans?

    5. This carpet pattern makes it look like the floor suddenly drops off.

    6. Watch this spinning dancer for awhile. Is she spinning clockwise or counterclockwise? Does she change direction?

    7. Stare at the GIF for 30 seconds, then watch Van Gogh's "Starry Night" come ALIVE.

    8. These two blocks are the same color.

    Skeptical? Put your finger over the horizontal line between them.

    9. Blink fast, or wave your hand it front of this very fast.

    10. And the blue and green spirals are actually the same color.

    11. The two orange circles are exactly the same size.

    12. This sculpture in New Zealand was designed to look like a cartoon.

    13. Stare at the yellow dots and they'll disappear.

    14. These two monsters are actually the same exact size.

    15. Where does the man go?

    16. Watch this video for 45 seconds, then look at your palm.

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