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27 Times Urban Outfitters Went Way, Way Too Far

Stop the madness!

1. This tape recorder selling for $38:

It's gone too far @UrbanOutfitters

2. This magical thinking henna badger skull sculpture:

Urban Outfitters you have gone too far

3. This $70 rope loop.

Urban Outfitters needs to chill with their pricing, $70 this is literally rope with a piece of metal & plastic wtf

4. This incredible sale.

5. This $8 ponytail tie.

Urban've gone too far.

6. This DKK 90 ($14) pack of Solo cups.

7. This pillow that costs more than your cable bill.

in desperate need of a $179 floor pillow? urban outfitters has got you covered!!!!

8. These...artisanal sex oils?

Urban outfitters has gone way too far this time

9. This shirt that looks like it was fished out of a trash can.

Urban outfitters, this has gone too far Ps. When someone asks you what urban outfitters is just show them this photo

10. This $34 knot.

Urban Outfitters has gone too far this time. 34 dollars for a "decorative" rope knot

11. This.

12. This tutoverall:

Oh dear. @TheCut: Dear @UrbanOutfitters, this denim tutu is taking things too far:

13. This Hawaiian bucket hat:

Okay Urban Outfitters....I love you, but I think you've taken it a bit too far with this one....

14. These explicitly labeled "mom jeans."

@UrbanOutfitters you've gone too far... #momjeans

15. This...tinfoil bucket?

am I missing something or is this a piece of tin foil on sale for $29??? wtf urban outfitters

16. This pant leg with a handle.

17. This:

omg you really outdid yourself urban outfitters

18. These:

Urban Outfitters Is Trying to Break Your Ankles

19. This iPhone speaker.

Sometimes Urban Outfitters goes too far

20. This mask.

21. These $90...T-shirts.

Urban outfitters pisses me off. wtf I could rip a shirt and do this myself

22. This dream catcher explosion.

This is 44 frickin dollars at urban outfitters WTF

23. These $55 peed-your-pants underwear?

24. This shoe.

25. This shirt that is just...what.

26. This:

27. And these $14 bobby pins.

no????????????? no! @UrbanOutfitters

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