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31 Typos That Will Make You Say "Wow, That's Unfortunate"

Spelling is important.

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1. This probably accurate fast-food sign.

2. This obituary for Knut, the baby polar bear.

3. This suggestion:

4. These reassuring medicine instructions.

5. This yearbook ad.

6. This headline.

7. This wedding favor.

8. This amazing diploma.

9. This church bulletin.

10. This senior quote.

11. This kerning disaster.

12. This grocery store aisle.

13. Brother Narev's powerful gesture.

14. This great sale.

15. This helpful ruler.

16. This new Sesame Street character.

17. This important workbook tip.

18. This book introduction.

19. This romantic novel (wait for it).

20. This debut.

21. This offer.

22. This inspirational movie quote.

23. This breaking science news.

24. This very real pop-up.

25. This injury that sounds pretty serious.

26. This hair product.

27. This, uh, sticky situation.

28. This ad.

29. This:

30. This weather report.

31. And this menu item.

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