23 Totally Mind-Shattering Optical Illusions

    Whoa. Thanks to these answers on Quora for the inspiration.

    1. Which one of these faces is female, and which is male?

    2. Stare at the cross. What's wrong with these celebrities' faces?

    3. The Leaning Tower illusion

    4. Hmmm.

    5. Stare at this video for 45 seconds, then look at your palm.

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    6. Notice anything unusual about this photo of a parrot?

    7. Watch this spinning dancer for awhile. Is she spinning clockwise or counterclockwise? Does she change direction?

    8. This floor is completely flat.

    9. Stare at the black cross for 10 seconds and see what happens.

    10. These monsters are the exact same size.

    11. The squares marked A and B are the same shade of gray.

    12. Is this photo in black and white, or color?

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    13. What's happening here?

    14. The spirals that appear blue and green are actually the same color.

    15. Stare at the colored dots on the girl’s nose in the photo above for 30 seconds. Then look at a white surface and start blinking.

    16. These two blocks are the same color.

    17. Try to focus on one of the dots.

    18. Try to focus on these spirals.

    19. World's Largest Lightness Illusion

    20. The two orange circles are exactly the same size.

    21. Stare at the yellow dots for awhile, and they'll disappear.

    22. How many legs does this elephant have?

    23. Great photo of some cars on a street?