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23 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Huh."


1. These M&M's that have been sitting there for 10 years.

2. These Christmas lights still glowing from under the snow.

3. The inside of a fire alarm, which is just a simple switch.

4. The inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is hollow.

5. This picture in a McDonald's that was hung sideways.

6. This time Papa John's left the cooking plate in the pizza.

7. This hot sauce that has another company's hot sauce as its first ingredient.

8. This real brick that someone covered with fake brick.

9. These eight grapes that fused into one.

10. This Tim Hortons that obviously used to be a KFC.

11. This replica of what Mount Rushmore was supposed to look like.

12. This hotel room bookshelf that was built for these exact books.

13. This die that cracked to reveal another die hidden underneath.

14. The inside of this ramen bar that looks like it's the outside.

15. A stack of brand-new money next to a stack of the same number of used bills.

16. This man's walking stick that is wearing a little shoe.

17. This mushroom that looks just like a giant chocolate doughnut.

18. These magnets that ripped open their package and connected with the ones next to it.

19. This lowercase exit sign.

20. These leaves that have stayed on the tree because the light gives them warmth.

21. This glitter mug that went through the dishwasher and revealed a Wonder Woman mug underneath.

22. This sushi restaurant that accidentally put a picture of USB sushi on its menu.

23. And a fun-size Nestle Crunch bar that when cut to say "INCH" measures one inch.