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    I Tried San Francisco's New $15 Coffee

    Yep, it costs 15 dollars. One. Five.

    In case you didn't know, San Francisco's thing right now is REALLY FANCY coffee shops.

    Like the kind where your coffee takes 30 minutes to make and comes with edible platinum flakes and a latte art selfie of your barista.

    But when I saw that a coffee shop called Equator was charging $15 for pourover coffee (!!!!), I was floored.

    Jess Misener

    $15? For just, essentially, black coffee?? I had to try it.

    This is the good stuff. It's from the inaugural harvest of some fancy field that the coffee shop actually owns. I started to get excited!

    Jess Misener

    I asked the cashiers if a lot of people have been ordering it, and they both snicker. "No," they said. The barista told me I'm the 13th person to order it and that after me, there is exactly one cup left. One cup!

    HERE IT IS. It's only eight ounces, which is pretty darn small.

    Jess Misener

    It is hot. It is coffee. It is served in a paper cup? For that price I wanted it to come in a hollowed-out moon rock.

    SO, HOW WAS IT???

    Jess Misener

    I mean. It tasted like coffee. Really good coffee! Probably the smoothest I've ever had. It certainly tasted "tea-like," as the barista promised. I had no problems drinking it black, even though I usually take coffee with cream.

    My final review is: I am sure I could tell the difference between this and the office Keurig.

    Jess Misener

    The cold remnants are currently sitting on my desk if anyone wants to come get it.

    Jess Misener

    That's like $3.75 right there.

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