Brian Krakow From "My So-Called Life" Is Hot Now

    Hi Devon Gummersall, time to make me your so-called WIFE.

    Remember Brian Krakow from My So-Called Life?

    He got the first ever science boner.

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    He would've probably been a better boyfriend in the long run...

    ...but this guy had no chance against ~Jordan Catalano.~

    The look on his face says it all.

    But wait! This is what Devon Gummersall, who played Brian, looks like now. He's 35.

    Angela Chase would totally go for THAT chiseled jawline now.

    In 1998, Gummersall played Julie's terrible boyfriend Zach on Season One of Felicity.

    He was married to actress Majandra Delfino from 2007 to 2008.

    They met when he played her character's cousin on Roswell.

    Devon has also appeared on episodes of Private Practice, CSI:NY, The L Word, and 24.

    In 2011, he was on USA's Fairly Legal.

    He's sporty now.

    He even makes a straw fedora look tolerable.

    Like a fine wine!