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21 Things Everyone Who Does BodyPump Will Understand

Squats and lunges and deadlifts, oh my.

1. When your instructor says with a huge smile, "BOTTOM HALF."

2. Or "PULSE IT."

3. Or "Ready? SINGLES!!!!!"

4. When you make it all the way to the end of the shoulder track:

5. When your instructor pulls the "Only one more set — just kidding!" fake out.

6. How you feel the day after your first class in a while:

7. Especially when you try to sit on the toilet.

8. Scrambling to add more weight to your bar between sets:

9. When someone tries to tell you that BodyPump "isn't real weightlifting":

10. Trying to talk your friends into going with you.

11. When there's a substitute instructor and they're super attractive:

12. How it feels when you FINALLY get to go up a plate.

13. During triceps. Every single time during triceps.

14. How it feels doing your first bicep curl in the set...

15. ...versus your last one.

16. When you forgot to get a large plate and you have to run and get one during class:

17. Secretly checking your form out in the mirror like:

18. When you accidentally put too much weight on your bar before a set:

19. When it's a new routine and suddenly a fire track comes on.

20. By the end of class, this is you:

21. But it's all worth it, because this is how you feel leaving class. Every. Single. Time.