13 Parts Of Your Body You Didn't Know Had Names

    I like big dimples of Venus and I cannot lie.

    1. Glabella: the space between your eyebrows.

    2. Rasceta: the lines on the inside of your wrist.

    3. Philtrum: the groove located just below the nose and above the middle of the lips.

    4. Anatomical snuff box: the triangular ridge between the base of your thumb and your wrist.

    5. Gnathion: the lowest part of your chin.

    6. Axilla: your armpits.

    7. Dimples of Venus: the notches in your lower back.

    8. Canthus: where your upper and lower eyelids meet.

    9. Purlicue: the space between your thumb and forefinger.

    10. Gynecomastia: man boobs.

    11. Columella nasi: the part of your nose between your nostrils.

    12. Tragus: the nub of cartilage at the front of your ear.

    13. Hallux: your big toe.