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Beyoncé Almost Fell During Her Halftime Show And No One Noticed

Because she's THAT perfect.

Beyoncé was the star of this year's Super Bowl halftime show, which also featured her backup singers, Chris Martin and Bruno Mars.

Bey's performance was so flawless, you might not have even noticed...HER BIG MISTAKE.

During a dance break, Beyoncé almost fell in her heels — but managed to save herself with some flawless impromptu choreography.


How can someone possibly be so smooth while dancing in heels in front of literally the entire country??

if Beyoncé can save herself from falling during halftime wearing heels, you can do anything

For comparison, remember when Madonna fell during her 2012 halftime performance and it looked like this?

Naturally, everyone was both impressed and not impressed, because OF COURSE gravity has no power over Queen Bey.

Beyonce probably planned that fall to give us something to talk about.

Beyoncé didn't almost fall. The earth just moved a little bit.

Beyoncé's double hop was no almost fall, she threw in that Michael Jackson hop. Y'all just wasn't ready.

only Beyoncé can almost fall on stage, and still slay

Beyoncé is extremely athletic, she double hopped to ensure she wouldn't fall while crouched down & stayed on beat. 😳

I wish I could save my grades like Beyoncé saved her fall!!!

Beyoncé didn't almost "fall". Her power tilted the Earth's axis and she was just compensating. FOH

Them: did you see Beyoncé stumble!?! Me:BUT DID SHE FALL THOUGH!!

All I can think about is how gracefully Beyoncé recovered from that almost fall. Like if you blinked you never would've known

That's right. In case you still have any doubts that Bey rules the world:

Beyoncé didn't almost fall. The fall almost Beyoncéd.