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    There Are So Many More Penis Emojis Now

    Thanks to iOS 9.1, we can now think beyond the eggplant.

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    11. Hot Dog

    Advantages: A weiner joke is WAY easier to get than an eggplant one.

    Suggested use: your buns are irresistible [hot dog]

    10. Thermometer

    Advantages: Finally, an accurate phallic silhouette!

    Suggested use: getting hot 4 u [thermometer]

    9. Burrito

    Advantages: Burritos are universally loved and have nothing but positive connotations.

    Suggested use: wanna go to the chipotle in my pants [burrito]

    8. Fountain Pen

    Advantages: You'll feel so literary!

    Suggested use: i wanna take a look at your hardcover [pen]

    7. Badminton Racquet And Shuttlecock

    Advantages Haha, "cock."

    Suggested use: i know a game we can play [badminton]

    6. Studio Microphone

    Advantages You can sext while feeling like Beyoncé.

    Suggested use: ride it with my surfbort [studio mic]

    5. Joystick

    Advantages: Everyone likes video games!

    Suggested use: come over and play with me [joystick]

    4. Chile Pepper

    Advantages: Built-in hotness (just ignore the fact that it's curvy).

    Suggested use: [pepper] [pepper] [pepper] [pepper] [pepper]

    3. Cricket Bat And Ball

    Advantages Cheerio, good chap, use this if you fancy some British peen!

    Suggested use: i want to hit YOUR wicket [cricket thing]

    2. Comet

    Advantages: Sex could always use a little more galaxy print.

    Suggested use: your [comet] is out of this world

    1. Bottle With Popping Cork

    Advantages Finally, an alternative to those stupid water droplets.

    Suggested use: The perfect punctuation at the end of a long, beautiful sext.

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