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    21 Times Hipsters Went Too Damn Far

    Quick, click this post before it's cool.

    1. This bus rider.

    2. This woman spinning thread in a waiting room.

    3. This:

    4. This Apple ~pocket~ Watch.

    5. A beard guard for your craft beer.

    This is possibly the most hipster thing ive seen in 2014

    6. This sign.

    The most hipster thing I have seen, I think, in my entire life

    7. This velocipede strapped to the back of a Prius.

    8. This mustache coffee wearing a camera.

    This might be the most hipster thing I've ever seen

    9. This:

    The most hipster thing to ever be posted on Pinterest

    10. This airport situation.

    11. This typewriter/tablet centaur.

    This is the most hipster thing I have ever seen. Especially because it's $749.

    12. Everything happening here.

    13. This plaid-flannel glitch in the matrix.

    14. This handcrafted artisanal wood PBR carrying case.

    Well that's the most hipster thing I saw today... And I live in Lawrenceville

    15. This guy.

    16. And this guy.

    17. This two-by-four skateboard.

    18. This $220 tree swing.

    The most hipster thing I've ever seen in my life. #citycenter #dc

    19. And this stump.

    20. This vending machine that sells bike parts.

    Bike parts in vending machines, most hipster thing ever and I love it!

    21. And this billboard baby.