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23 Awkward Moments Every Introvert Understands

Ban elevators!

1. Going to a party and instantly regretting it.

2. When your friend wants to invite someone else to hang out with the two of you.

And you want to be like, "...No!" but you also don't want to be a stubborn butthead.

3. Two words: grocery shopping.

It's bad enough that someone else DARES to be in the aisle that I want to go in.

4. Having a crush on a fellow introvert that turns into a standoff because no one wants to make the first move.

5. When a plumber, the cable guy, your landlord, or movers come to your apartment to do something.

So I let them in and...follow them around making small talk? Go hide in my room? Sit on the couch and stare at them without breaking eye contact?

6. Waiting in line for a one-person bathroom with someone.

"Are you waiting for the bathroom?"


" Me too."

7. When people mistake your desire for solitude for depression.

I just need my recharge time, OK?

8. Not listening when everyone's going around the room and saying their name and a fun fact, because you're quietly rehearsing what you're going to say.

9. Wanting to back out of large group activities.

Now, small group activities? OK!

10. When someone asks, "Are you OK? Why are you so quiet?" for the zillionth time.

Yes, this is just my bitchy resting personality.

11. When you hear voices in the kitchen and realize that to go get a drink of water you're going to have to meet your roommate's friends.

And you seriously contemplate keeping a food and water stash in your room just for moments like this.

12. You finally think of something to say and everyone else has moved on to other topics.

13. Elevators.

14. Talking to authority figures OR really attractive people.


15. When your mom asks you to show her best friend's niece's lab partner around town.

16. Texting to avoid talking to people at parties.

And then someone comes up and asks, "Who are you texting?"

17. Spotting someone you know in public and pretending you don't see them.

18. Getting to the bar before your friend.

*checks every app on phone*

*looks at bar door to see if friend is here*

*rechecks every app on phone*

19. When your phone rings and it's an UNKNOWN NUMBER.

Lol, not gonna answer that.

20. When your friends don't understand why you need to leave the party early.

All of this conversing has drained me!

21. People singing "Happy Birthday" to you.


22. When everyone around you is being loud and annoying while you're trying to have me time.

23. When someone cancels plans on you and apologizes profusely, but you were about to cancel on them anyway.