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55 Super Awkward Middle School Photos

BuzzFeed staff share their most traumatic pics from the pimpled trenches of puberty. Add YOURS in the comments!

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16. Ashley Ford

Ashley Ford

"My school used to do something called "Toe' Up From the Flo' Up" Day for spirit week. I stole my grandma's wig for this occasion. I had a lot of spirit. I also used to play the drums."


23. Isaac Fitzgerald (right)

Isaac Fitzgerald

"Myself and best friend Liam Patrick Walsh. I was selling cigarettes out of my locker that year. He would go on to attend West Point and is now a captain in the US Army. We are still close."


36. Cates Holderness

Cates Holderness

"When I was in 6th grade I decided I wanted super short hair. This was, in retrospect, not the best idea I'd ever had, but at the time I thought it might divert attention from my coke-bottle glasses and new braces. Little did I realize that drastically changing one's hair at the onset of puberty at the time when you are surrounded by hundreds of your hormone-fueled, spiteful, cliqueish peers might lead to heartache. Oh, how swiftly I learned."

38. Alex Alvarez (center)

Alex Alvarez

"I can't actually remember if this was in middle school or freshman year of high school, but here I am (center) at a robotics competition. We're in a midcentury living room at the Kennedy Space Center and apparently very, very happy about it."

39. Ellie Hall

Ellie Hall

"My dark past is that I acted in community and professional musical theater / opera for 13 years while growing up in Virginia. Of all the roles I played, nothing will be darker than this. 2002. I was in 7th grade. I went in to audition for the role of Fern and was cast as Wilbur the pig. "


50. Simon Crerar

Simon Crerar

"Where do I start? Ridiculous spike? Check. Shocking shirt? Check. Worn corduroy? Check. Stripy socks? Check. Blues Brothers shades? Check. Climbing frame?! I have no idea what I was thinking."

54. Jenna Guillaume

Jenna Guillaume

"Here is my 12-year-old self doing the 5ive "Got the Feelin'" dance, after having been given a terrible-on-purpose makeover by my friend (cut out of this picture so that she doesn't murder me in my sleep). You probably can't tell, but I had one eye with bright pink eyeshadow and one eye with bright blue eyeshadow and purple lip gloss on."

55. And finally, that time Matt Stopera was on MTV's Fanography: Britney:

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