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27 Things Girls Who Are Always Cold Know To Be True

"Let's set the air-conditioning to 'Arctic.'"- office managers

1. You don't mind shaving your legs in the winter because it means you get to stay under hot water longer.

Disney / Via

And getting out of a hot shower is literally the worst.

2. You're always at least one coat level ahead of everyone else.

Parkwood Entertainment

50 degrees? Time for the puffer jacket.

3. You've opted for brief underwear vs. a thong because it keeps your butt warmer.

4. When everyone talks about how snow is so magical and pretty, you're just like, "Nope."

5. Other girls try to look cute in delicate layers when it's cold out. Your strategy is a little different.

6. You whenever someone tries to get you out of bed: / Via Giphy

7. Your co-workers or classmates know you as the "girl who's always freezing, even when it's 75 degrees out."

8. You think Uggs (or fake Uggs) are ugly as all get out, but you wear them because it's like walking on a cozy cloud.

9. You'll never understand why every indoor space is so air-conditioned.

NBC / Via

Oh hey, this office is a nice temperature if you're a penguin.

10. The hot water bottle you usually reserve for cramps has become your omnipresent accessory.

11. You don't give a damn about hat hair, because all that matters is that you STAY WARM.

MTV / Via

12. Then, of course, there's... that problem.

13. If people do this to you thinking it's cute, YOU WILL DESTROY THEM.

14. You're engaged in a constant battle over the thermostat with your family/roommate.

Getty Images / Jeffrey Hamilton

58 degrees is NOT a human room temperature, sorry.

15. You've accepted goosebumps as your default skin type.

16. Leggings don't even begin to keep you warm.

17. You have special "winter language."

18. Your mittens get a real workout because you use them alllllll day long.

19. No one's hoodie is safe around you.

NBC / Via

20. Your hat doesn't match your scarf doesn't match your gloves doesn't match your coat.

21. This looks kind of appealing, tbh.

Discovery Channel / Via

22. Knee socks. Knee socks all the time.

23. You've tried to crawl into your circle scarf.

24. Wearing tights under jeans doesn't feel good, but you do it anyway.

25. You refuse to hold bare hands with anyone.

And loose my fingers from these cozy gloves? LOL nope.

26. You hold tea or coffee in part to keep your fingers warm.

27. You wish you could just spend the next four months under a thick stratum of blankets.

Bye, winter.

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