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17 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Apple

WARNING: Do NOT smoke near your MacBook.

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2. Some fake Apple stores in China are so realistic, even employees are convinced.

Many of China's notorious counterfeit Apple stores are obvious fakes, but one store in Kunming employed workers who had no idea they weren't really working for the Cupertino corporation.


11. The very first image shown on the Macintosh was of Disney character Scrooge McDuck.

"An image of Scrooge McDuck sitting on top of a huge pile of money bags, blithely playing his fiddle, with a big grin on his beak," to be exact.

12. Steve Jobs eliminated all corporate charity programs in 1997.

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Shortly before Jobs passed away, New York Times writer Andrew Ross Sorkin called attention to the fact that there was "no public record of Mr. Jobs giving money to charity," though Sorkin acknowledged Jobs may have donated anonymously over the years. U2 singer Bono fought back in a letter to the editor, praising Jobs' work with Project RED.


15. Carl Sagan sued Apple for defamation, but lost.

In 1994, Apple engineers developed a Power MacIntosh computer code named “Carl Sagan." The name was only used internally, but Sagan was unhappy, stating that his endorsement is not for sale. The engineers on the project changed the code name to “BHA,” which meant, according the them, “Butt-Head Astronomer." Sagan took his case to the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, but was not successful.

17. Steve Wozniak sold 80,000 of his own Apple shares for cheap prices to employees who otherwise wouldn't have gotten any after the IPO.

From Robert X. Cringely's Accidental Empires: "In many ways, Woz was ... Apple's conscience. When the company was up and running, and it became evident that some early employees had been treated more fairly than others in the distribution of stock, it was Wozniak who played the peacemaker, selling cheaply 80,000 of his own Apple shares to employees who felt cheated and even to those who just wanted to make money at Woz's expense."

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