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    These Guys Greeted Strangers At The Airport And It Will Make You Feel Things

    Every airport should have a hugging service.

    Thomas, Ammar, and Matt, the guys behind the YouTube channel Generation Y Not, realized that arriving to the airport by yourself can be a little lonely.

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    So they decided to wait at the arrivals section of San Francisco International Airport with a sign and greet lone travelers.

    It started out a little awkward.

    But then people started realizing how great it is to be greeted at the airport.

    And they started going in for the hugs.

    And the hugs quickly caught on.

    Some really, really good hugs.

    People who were waiting to greet their arriving relatives started asking the guys to help them.

    They even got the double-cheek kiss from a few people.

    One traveler was flying on his birthday and got a special birthday hug.

    And the kind gesture even made one grown man cry.

    Nice work, guys.