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    "A Potato Flew Around My Room" Is The World's Catchiest New Meme

    Excuse the mess it made.

    It all started on Oct. 14, when Vine user pgbree of Louisiana posted this musical clip of "Thinking 'Bout You" by Frank Ocean. (Click on the lower right corner for sound.)

    Except that instead of singing the correct lyric, "A tornado flew around my room before you came," she sings "a potato flew around my room."

    And then, thanks to lil syd from the trap, the most amazing Vine in the universe was born.

    Then, the parodies began.

    Sorry, Frank.

    It was even a Halloween costume.

    But not every attempt to mimic the greatness of the flying potato has been successful.

    Congrats, this potato represents the potato song being stuck in your brain for the rest of eternity.

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