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    25 People Who Tried

    Here's an "A" for effort!

    1. This T-shirt designer:

    2. The creator of this wedding invitation:

    3. Whoever made this:

    4. This guy:

    5. The person behind this yearbook quote:

    6. CNN:

    7. This onesie maker:

    8. The person who did this face blurring:

    9. This acronym creator:

    10. These guys who tried to toss their friend in a pool:

    11. This girl:

    12. Whoever did this car writing:

    13. This TV producer:

    14. Someone who signed the lower left portion of this card:

    15. This person who tried to lock their bike:

    16. This editor:

    17. Whoever installed this ceiling fan:

    18. This headline writer:

    19. This guy:

    20. Whoever bought Fido a lovely new dog bed:

    21. This person who was just trying to show off:

    22. Kara:

    23. The creators of this exercise initiative:

    24. This aspiring soccer player:

    25. This tattoo owner: