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37 Reasons Seth Cohen Is The Perfect Boyfriend

Step aside, Summer Roberts. Just step aside.

Ryan was nice to look at and all, but when it came down to it, Seth Cohen was the hottest catch on "The O.C." (AND in all of Newport Beach).

First of all, he has really cool hobbies.

He's the kind of guy who was nerdy in high school, but will be super awesome in college. And that's definitely what you want.

Look, you totally have the same interests already.

And get ready! He'll surprise you with romantic nights out.

Or if you'd prefer a night in, he'll recreate classic movie moments with you. (SWOON!)

He kind of looks like a sexy, more Jewish Harry Styles.

And he can lighten up awkward moments with a sense of humor.

Yeah, he's funny.

And he can totally laugh at himself.

Don't forget: he comes with a built-in horse sidekick, CAPTAIN OATS.

...who's not afraid of commitment, either.

He's romantic!

But he's OK with having some alone time.

He'll totally be your date to any big event.

He'll even stay up all night just to keep you company!

...and he's polite even in life's toughest situations.

He's always had great taste in music.

Seth knows school is important: he's always up for a really hot study date.

But he's not just brains: he's also pretty handy. (Or at least he'll let you teach him.)

You even share the same hopes and dreams!

He can rock a suit and tie...

... AND a Fair Isle sweater.

... AND a basic white tee.

But, Seth totally knows what's important in life.

He loves women with a sense of humor.

Um, he can DRAW you.

He's sassy. (HOT!)

... but your mom will love him.

Yeah, you know he's totally in it for the long haul.

Because he's not afraid to show his sensitive side.

He's got some killer moves.

And he's always down for something new.

...BUT, he won't put up with any crap.

Also, he's, uh, really cute.

REALLY cute.


Are you ready? Because Seth is!

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